Tournament UU Blitz Tour WON BY VIVALOSPRIDE


Banned deucer.
Round 1 deadline: Sunday August 11th, 11:59pm GMT-4

Remember to challenge in OU blitz because there is no UU blitz format. Drought and Drizzle are not allowed this round. Please save replays even if you hide them in case of disputes. Timer wins count!! Best of 3

Pairings (winners bolded)

Amukamara vs SanJl
YABO vs vivalospride
Kink vs zachkauffman
faded love vs Christo
Hassin627 vs zben
esche vs BackAtYouBro
Ov3r Ac3 vs Wanka
Jacobikko vs Scizorphobic
UnbecomingDuck vs RaJ.Shoot
martha vs pokeisfun
neomon vs weakermaker
Dragonflo vs Cam
InfernoDolphin73 vs Aishia
Gorfield vs Wanonymous1616
Estarossa vs Smallsmallrose
LuluDzn vs His

Substitutes (I'll tag you again if someone drops out and you have a chance to come in):
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